Picture: Tobias Schnorpfeil


Fources guided me the last year, shaped my photography aesthetic and I carefully worked on experimental photography projects and learned a lot. Mostly from my own mistakes as well as from inspiring people I have met on my way.

Before I have started with Fources, it was hard for me to describe my photography style. I felt like I was swimming in a huge ocean with hundreds of photographers and everyone is doing the same things. That’s why I started setting myself realistic goals to achieve and a project concept I wanted to fulfill.

I already created new concepts to expand my project. These concepts are more complex, the locations are breathtaking nationalparks around the world and I also need a team to work with, including fashion designers, models, stylists etc.
The new ideas are more powerful and more expensive. I will definitely need some collaborators / sponsors to fulfill my next visions.

Why I want to go on with Fources? I think the interaction between nature and human existence ties me up. You can find characteristics in human beeings as well as in the elements of nature. I prefer working somewhere in nature more, than in a clean and non inspiring photo studio. I think creating outside in nature became much more inspiring and challenging for me.